Thesis List

Title Year
Electrospinning of water-repellent depositions onto textile surfaces, and improvement of durability using atmospheric pressure plasma 2011
Essential Frameworks of the Sustainable Textile Industry 2011
Durable Antistatic Finishes Via Electoless Deposition 2011
Logistical Models for Closed Loop Recycling of Apparel and Technical Textiles 2011
Durable Static Control on Fabrics 2010
Process and Product Data Management for Staple Yarn Manufacturing 2010
Durable, High Surface Conductivity, Antistatic Finishes 2010
Benchmarking a Sustainable Textile Footprint 2010
Durable Nanolayer Graft Polymerization of Textile Finishes: Waterproof and Antimicrobial Breathable Fabrics Via Plasma Treatment for Single Sided Treatments 2010
Co-Presence of Durable Flame Retardant and Repellent Nano-Finishes 2010
Analysis of the Market Potential and Effectiveness of Upstream Textile Advertising 2009
Supply Chain Linkages: Opportunities for the U.S. Textile Supply Chain 2009
Optimizing Comfort and Functional Performance of Form-fitted Athletic Wear 2009
Developing a Cost Model for Sourcing Products for Different Distribution Channels 2009
Durable Flame Retardant and Antimicrobial Nano-Finishing 2009
Logistical Model for Closed Loop Recycling of Textile Materials 2009
Factors Affecting Perceived Comfort of Selected Flame Retardant Cotton/Nylon Work Wear Fabrics 2009
Durable Ionic-Modified Antistatic Fibers: A Combination of Nanotechnology and Atmospheric Plasma Treatment 2009
Niche Market Research Strategies Focusing on the Identification of Latent Demand Opportunities 2008
Durable Non-Fluorine Water-Repellent Fabric Finishing: Surface Treatment Using Silica Nanoparticulates and Mixed Silanes 2008
Yarn Specifications and Performance Metrics for Short Staple Yarn Manufacturers 2008
Static Generation and Suppression in Staple Fiber Yarns 2008
Integrated Measures of Comfort for Athletic Performance Apparel Using A Sweating Manikin and Other Advanced Systems 2008
DR-CAFTA Opportunities for the U.S. Textile Industry 2008
Evaluation of Repellent Finishes Applied by Atmospheric Plasma 2007
Durable and Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardants for Textile Materials 2007
Productivity in Textiles - How to Correctly Measure the Impact of Mergers and Outsourcing 2007
Current Replacements for Flourocarbon Finishes 2007
Stain Repellent-Animicrobial Textiles via Atmospheric Plasma Finishes 2007
Measuring Productivity through Competitive Advantage 2007
Development of a Comfort Mesasurement Matrix 2007
Plant Floor Scheduling Systems in a Lean Environment 2007
Adapting Lean Principles for the Textile Industry 2007
Durable and Environmentally Friendly Flame Retardants for Textile Materials 2007
Process Development and Optimization for High Efficiency Fiber Reactive Dyes 2006
Increasing the Economic Competitiveness of the U.S. Textile Industry Through the Use of a Niche Strategy 2006
Improving Product and Process Quality with Data Mining 2006
Application of Hydroentangling Process to Enhance the Mechanical Properties of Woven Fabrics 2006
Hydroentanglement Processes for the Physical Enhancement of Knitted Fabrics 2006
De-Bottlenecking the Electrospinning Process Using Oscillating Magnetic Fields 2006
Plama-Aided Antimicrobial/Insect Repellant Finishing 2006
Improving the Competitiveness of U.S. Textile Manufacturers with E-Business Initiatives 2006
Effectivness and Economic Analysis of Localized Sourcing Sytems 2006
Increasing the Cost Competitiveness of the U.S. Textile Manufacturer through the Attenuation of Slasher and Sized Yarn Waste 2006
Thermoplastic Polyacrylonitrile 2005
Electrostatic Self-assembled Nanolayers on Textile Fibers. 2005
Fiber Reactive Dyes with Improved Affinity and Fixation 2005
Factors Affecting Governmental / Trade Disparities Among Nations 2005
A method to determine quantitative measure of opening room mixing machinery capabilities 2003
Filling Insertion Perfonnance Characteristics of MVS 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Yams in High-Speed Air Jet Weaving Machines 2003
Effect of Curing Method on the Durability of Microencapsulated Fragrant Finishes 2003
"An Investigation ofthe Effects of Using Ionic Liquids as a Warp Sizing Agent on Yam Physical Properties 2003
A Study ofDetennining Fabric Hand Using a Ring Pull-Through Method 2003
A model to quantify the effect of fiber properties and processing parameters on the strength and abrasion resistance of random velour needlepunched nonwoven fabric 2003
Reduction of Frictional Forces at Weaving Using Low-Friction Coatings on Weaving Components 2003
The effect of woven product characteristics on manufacturing cost and complexity 2002
The use of computational fluid dynamics to optimize the flow profile of dye liquor in yarn package dyeing 2002
The impact of MVS machine settings and finishing applications on yarn quality and knitted fabric hand 2002
'Inkjet printing of cotton fabrics with anionic inks for color quality improvement 2002
'Determining density of thermoplastic fibers by differential scanning calorimetry 2002
Enhancement of pigment dyed polyester for applications in automotive and apparel fabrics 2002
A study of the dyeing behavior of polylactic acid fabric 2001
A comparison of the performance of knit fabrics made from compact and ring spun yarns 2001
Principle modeling of woven geotextile fabrics to predict tensile behavior 2001
A comparison of 100% cotton MVS and ring spun yarn in knitted fabric 2001
An evaluation of the effects of percent size add-on, slasher stretch, and pre-wet slashing on the characteristics and predicted weaving performance of Murata Vortex spun yarns 2001
The use of computational fluid dynamics to optimize liquor flow profiles in fabric beam dyeing 2001
The effects of machine parameters, abrasion surface type, and fabric construction on the physical characteristics of 100% polyester microdenier sueded fabrics 2001
The effects of reed design, filaments per yarn, and filament yarn type on fabric quality, weaving stop level, and energy consumption in air jet weaving 2001
Impact of alkylphenol ethoxylate surfactants on wastewater toxicity 2001
The effects of hydrophilic finish on the water vapor transfer of knitted polyester fabrics 2001
The effect of filament type, stitch type, and fabric preparation on double-needle-bar raschel velour automotive fabric 2001
Effects of dye dispersion stability on dyed fabric quality 2001
Impact of cottons grown conventionally and in ultra narrow rows on grower yield and textile plant performance and quality 2000
The effects of critical variables in Superba heat-setting on color uniformity of stock dyed nylon 6,6 staple carpet yarn 2000
The effects of polyurethane additives on the mechanical properties of durable press finished fabrics 2000
The effect of changing fabric construction on the thermal protective performance of Raschel knitted spacer fabrics 2000
The effect of fiber denier, spindle speed, ring type, treated balloon control rings and pigtail guides, and single-feed and double-feed roving on acrylic ring yarn properties 2000
The effect of reverse coating on the strength retention and fabric hand of cellulase treated denim fabrics 2000
Identification of dyeing methods for reducing the effect of barre in fabrics containing false-twist textured polyester yarn 2000
Development of heat transfer models and comparisons of primary heaters for false-twist texturing of polyester 2000
The effects of singeing warp yarns on air jet weaving performance 2000
The effect of introducing a color-carrying low-melt thermobonding fiber in the production of 100% cotton heather fabrics 2000
The effect of changing fabric construction on the compressive behavior of raschel knitted spacer fabrics 1999
Evaluation of the hydraulic retention time necessary to biodegrade a complex dyeing and finishing waste 1999
The effect of fiber denier and fiber cross-sectional modification on 100% polyester plied air jet spun yarn for the production of raschel velour automotive fabric 1999
Determination of the effects of fabric construction and fabric speed on interchange factor for the wet-on-wet pad batch dyeing of 50/50 polyester cotton single jersey knitted fabric 1999
A methodology to develop an environmental profile of a textile product using life-cycle assessment 1999
A study of the use of 100% recycled cotton fiber in polyester/cotton blends for single-jersey knit fabrics 1999
The influence of blend level on the effectiveness of antibacterial fiber 1999
The effect of compressed air settings on air jet spun yarn quality 1999
A quantitative method of measuring yarn bulk for air-jet textured yarns 1999
The impact of processing variables on rotor spun yarn quality using 100% hemp fibers 1999
A comparison of comfort and appearance in double fleece knits constructed with filament polyester, 100% Tencel, 100% staple polyester, and 50/50 Tencel/polyester spun yarn 1999
The effect of crimp frequency and crimp retention on air jet spinning stop levels and yarn quality 1999
Development of polypropylene/cotton yarns for use in single-jersey knitted fabrics 1998
The effects of fiber properties and web uniformity on nonwoven polypropylene needlepunched fabrics 1998
An investigation of the impact of yarn Delta T values and weave structure on the tear strength of 100% polyester rotor yarn fabric 1998
A study of nonwoven fabric integrity by conventional latex addition versus bicomponent fiber addition 1998
The effects of cotton fiber color grade and growth area on dyed color variation in 100% cotton knitted fabrics 1998
Color assessment of lace fabrics 1998
The effect of fiber type, yarn structure, and fabric cover on moisture wicking and evaporation properties in single-jersey knit fabrics for athletic wear garments 1998
Effects of needlepunch density, needle penetration depth, and fiber blend on optimizing needled nonwoven fabric properties 1998
An evaluation of anaerobic/aerobic treatment for textile reactive dye color and toxicity removal 1998
Determining the processing parameters and conditions to apply antibacterial finishes on 100% cotton and 100% polyester dyed knit fabrics 1998
Feasibility of wet-on-wet pad/batch dyeing of 50/50 polyester/rayon woven fabrics with reactive dyes to obtain level dyeing 1998
An investigation of the conversion of fibrous solid waste into CMC warp sizing 1998
The impact of altering the compressed air dew point on air jet weaving 1998
An investigation of fiber and spinning parameters on the Murata 802H air jet spinner and their effect on single-jersey knit fabric appearance 1997
Optimizing cotton cleaning utilizing Trutzschler's CVT4 cleaner 1997
An engineering reliability study of a circular knitting plant 1997
A methodology to measure the cost of complexity in a weaving plant 1997
The effects of polyester fiber finish type, navel type, and rotor speed on lint shedding of 50/50 polyester cotton open-end yarns 1997
An investigation into the effects of pre-wetting 100 percent cotton ring spun warp yarns on slashed yarn physical properties and air jet weaving performance 1997
The influence of entanglement and fiber finish on flat filament weft yarn in air jet weaving 1997
An investigation of the effects of changing quality parameters of 100 percent cotton open-end spun yarns on weft insertion performance on air jet weaving 1997
The effect of disperse dyeing in the alkaline pH range on the reduction of oligomer deposition during package dyeing of textured polyester 1997
Development of a practical method for measuring heat history of textured polyester at-line using NIRA 1997
Establishing an alternative index test method for testing the tensile strength of nonwoven geotextiles 1997
An investigation of factors that influence the degree of ultraviolet protection provided to the human skin by 100% cotton knit apparel 1997
The Effect of Polyester Spun Yarn Variants on the Aesthetic and Physical Properties of Raschel Velour Automotive Upholstery 1996
The relationship between air jet spinning parameters and air jet yarn structure and the resulting impact on air flow at the air jet weaving machine 1996
Analysis of Surfactant Lubrication Compositions for Sizing Cotton and Polyester/Cotton Blend Warps for Air Jet Weaving and the Effect of Surfactant Lubrication on Fabric Preparation 1996
The Properties, Morphology, and Stability of Multifilament Polypropylene Yarn Containing Post-Consumer Recycled Resin 1996
The Influence of Modern Carding Parameters on Fiber Alignment in Slivers and the Resulting Impact on Open-End Yarn Quality 1996
Development of an On-Line Prediction Model to Determine the Degree of Mercerization of Cotton Fabrics Using Remote Vibration Spectroscopy 1996
The Effects of Combing Roll Wire, Surface, and Speed on Quality Properties of 100% Cotton and 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Open-End Yarns 1996
Detennining the Effects of Dye Structure on Apparent Dye Depth of Vat Dyestuffs for Dimensa and Conventional Mercerized Cotton Fabrics 1996
The Effects of Open-end Machine Parameters and Fiber Length on Spinning Stability, Yarn Quality, and Hand of Woven Fabric Using Viscose Rayon 1996
An Investigation of the Mechanisms Causing Tendering of 100% Cotton After Repeated Commercial Launderings 1996
An Investigation of On-line Quality Monitoring Systems in Predicting the Quality of Textured Yarns and Comparison with the Standard Knit-Dye Quality Control Procedure 1996
The Effects of Using the Hollingsworth Lintmaster in the Production of Fine Count Open-End Cotton Yarn Produced at High Rotor Speeds 1996
The effects of achieving uniform moisture levels on the quality of 100% cotton rotor-spun yarn 1995
The Influence of Fiber Properties and Processing Variables on Rotor Spun Yarn Quality Using 100% Polypropylene Fibers 1995
An Investigation of the Influence of the Properties of 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Yams on Filling Insertion Performance in High Speed Air Jet Weaving 1995
"The Effects of Navels, Rotors, and Doff Tubes on the Hand Characteristics of Fabric Knitted from Open End Spun Yam 1995
The Influences of Yam Pre-Orientation and Critical Draw-Warping Parameters on Streaks in Polyester Warp Knit Pile Fabrics 1995
The Effects of Finish Lubricant Viscosity and Fiber Crimp on Nylon 6,6 Carpet Yam Processing and Bulk Properties 1995
The Effect of Complexity Factors on Textile Weaving Plant Performance 1995
The Effects of Thermal Bonding Methods and Thermal Processing Conditions on the Tensile Properties and Water Permeability of Needlepunched Geotextiles 1995
The Effect of Polyester Fiber Variants, Spinning Parameters, and Rotor Speed on Lint Shedding of 50/50 Polyester/Cotton Open-End Yarns 1995
Reuse of Hydrolyzed Reactive Dyebaths to Dye Nylon 66, Nylon 6, and Wool Under Acidic Conditions 1995
An Evaluation of Short, High-Temperature Heating Equipment for Commercial False-Twist Texturing of Polyester 1995
An Analysis of Thermo-oxidative and Hydrolytic Degradation of Uncoated Polyester and Nylon 6,6 Air Bag Fabrics and Yarns 1995
An Evaluation of the Effects of Schlatborst Open End Spinning Components, Settings, and Lubricants on Energy Consumption 1995
An Evaluation of the Effect of Ultraviolet Light and Hydrogen Peroxide Photochemical Oxidation Technology on the Decomposition and Decolorization of Textile Dyestuffs 1995
The Effects of Flow Rate, Wind Angle, Yam Tension, and Compression upon Levelness of Dyeing and Unwinding Performance of 100% Polyester Two-Ply Yam Packages 1995
The Effects of Boll Position on Micronaire Prediction and Fiber Characteristics 1994
The Effect of Various Fixing Agents on the Fastness Properties of Direct Dyed Cotton Twill Fabric 1994
The Effect of Draft Distribution, Roll Spacing, Denier, and Blending Method on Air-jet Yarn Quality and the Formation of Classimat Long Thins 1994
The effects of cellulase enzymes on the physical and aesthetic characteristics of woven viscose rayon and tencel 1994
The effect of cotton aging on the color variation of dyed fabric 1994
The influence of the degree of preparation on shade consistency, washfastness, and crockfastness properties of a fiber reactive dyed 100% cotton woven fabric 1994
The effects of yarn conditioning on yarn properties of both ring spun and open end 100% cotton and cotton/polyester yarns and the resultant weaving 1994
The effects of barb depth, barb angle, and blade shape on the operative life of needles and the physical properties of needlepunched fabric 1994
Effects of fiber manufacturing conditions and amount of recycled resin on melt spun polyester fiber properties and morphology 1994
Benchmarking flag maintenance behavior of projectile weaving operations 1994
The effects of varying density during package build to optimize levelness on package dyed yarn 1994
The effects of in-bath lubrication, package surface wrap, and package geometry on the elimination of backwinding in the package yarn dyeing process 1994
The effect of tensile variation on warp yarn performance 1994
The effects of fiber cross-section and needlepunch density on strength and water permeability of needlepunched nonwoven geotextiles 1994
The effect of card mat weight, openness, and tension draft on sliver and yarn quality 1994
The effect of laundering, spinning system, and blending method on the physical, aesthetic, and wash-down characteristics of workwear fabrics 1994
Effects of sodium hydroxide solution temperature and concentration, and fabric stretch in the mercerization process on dye uptake and physical properties of 100% cotton fabric 1994
The effects of polyester fiber variants and spinning parameters on lint shedding and knittability of polyester/cotton open end and ring spun yarns 1993
The effects of sliver trash content and key fiber properties on the quality of 100% cotton and 50/50 polyester/cotton air-jet spun yarns 1993
The Effects of Nozzle Components on the Cover and Hand of Fabrics Produced with Murata Jet Spun Yarns 1993
The effect of total draft, draft distribution, and twist on the quality of 100% combed cotton yarns and 50/50 polyester/cotton yarns spun on the Suessen Ringcan sliver-to-yarn spinning system 1993
An investigation on the effect of varying critical comber settings and components on the quality of combed sliver and ring spun yarn 1993
Evaluation of current technologies for modifying cotton to affect fiber reactive, acid, and direct dyeing 1993
The effect of recycling 100% polyester yarns and fabrics on fiber characteristics 1993
An Evaluation of Picanol's Dynamic Weft Insertion Simulator as Related to Air Jet Weaving 1992
The effect of selected variables in pigment coloring on the carding characteristics and final fabric quality of polypropylene needlepunched nonwovens 1992
Evaluation of the effects of lubrication on size film formation consistency by utilization of a dynamic tensile test 1992
Determining the practical spinning limits of open-end carded and combed yarns produced from pima, upland, and California cottons at various rotor speeds 1992
Optimization of ballistic resistant soft armor properties using a needlepunched nonwoven structure 1992
The effects of fiber length, fiber denier, needlepunch density, and needle penetration on the physical characteristics of as-needled and heat treated 1992
Identification of the control variables of the chilled wet-wiping process on sized warp yarn physical properties and weaving performance 1992
Determining the relationship of sliver characteristics and combing roll settings on open-end yarn quality 1992
The effect of fiber denier and tenacity, and blending method on the pilling of knitted ring, open-end and air jet yarns 1992
The effect of blending microdenier and conventional polyester staple on the quality and aesthetics of open-end and air-jet yarns 1992
A comparison of air jet and rapier machines and their set-up on fabric cover 1992
The effects of preparation, dyeing, drying, and mechanical finishing techniques on shrinkage and other physical properties of cotton jersey and fleece 1992
Analysis of the Efficiency of a Two Stage Activated Sludge Process in Treating Textile Wastewater 1992
An analysis of the effects of selected variables on the ADMI method of effluent color measurement 1992
Using variance length curve analysis to determine the impact of medium term yarn variations on fabric appearance 1992
The effects of varying package to package density on shade repeatability and levelness of package dyed yarn 1992
An evaluation of the effect of card waste extraction on ring, open end, and air jet cotton spun yarn 1992
A study of the effects of dye concentration and ratios of dyes in combination on disperse dye exhaustion 1992
Evaluating the use of finite capacity scheduling simulation techniques to improve manufacturing performance in textile processing facilities 1992
The effects of fiber blend level, fiber length, and needlepunch density on the physical characteristics of thermally treated needlepunched nonwoven fabric 1991
Effect of short fiber content, fiber tenacity, staple length, and micronaire on the quality of 100 percent cotton air-jet spun yarn 1991
A comparative study of mule-spun and ring-spun woolen yarn properties and their relationship to the spinning process 1991
Automating the knowledge acquisition phase of expert system development using neural networks and induction techniques 1991
The effect of draft distribution on state-of-the-art roving and ring spinning technology as it relates to yarn quality 1991
Turn-Over Rate and Liquor Ratio: Effect on Dye Shade Repeatability in Jet Dyeing 1991
The effect of specific energy usage as it relates to the development of hydroentangled nonwoven fabrics and their physical properties 1991
The effects of fiber crimp, modification ration, and molecular orientation on carpet yarn bulk 1991
An investigation of the physical properties of textured microfilament polyester yarns and fabric 1991
Effect of cotton maturity as measured by the HVI near infrared reflectance analysis (NIRA) maturity tester on ring spun yarn characteristics 1991
Assessment of constructed wetlands for the polishing of textile effluents 1991
The effects of polyester fiber modulus on processing performance and yarn properties 1991
The effect of polyester denier and length on low size and sizeless weaving of polyester and polyester/cotton murata twin spun yarns 1991
A model to measure the economic value of productivity, quality, and flexibility in yarn manufacturing relative to technology decisions 1991
The effect of various percentages of polyester/cellulosic reworkable fibers on fiber characteristics and yarn quality 1991
An investigation of the relationships between polyester fiber properties, ring diameter, and spindle speed and the subsequent effects on yarn quality and dyed fabric appearance 1990
An evaluation of sized filling with respect to stop levels in rapier weaving 1990
The effects of solvent based carriers on the dyeing and physical properties of Nomex fabric 1990
The comparison of a 100% cotton air jet spun yarn produced on the 881 Murata Twin Spinning Machine to a comparable ring spun yarn 1990
The effect of sliver drafting force and drafting force variability, as measured by the modified ITT Draftometer, on ring and air-jet yarn quality parameters 1990
Evaluation of the fast system for its ability to measure fabric mechanical properties and their relation to fabric hand 1990
A comparison of a newly developed on-line acoustic sliver monitor versus the ITT sliver analyzer for recognition of defects in 100% cotton card sliver 1990
Predictive maintenance using vibration analysis for Schlafhorst 138 winders 1990
A study of liquid ammonia treatments on resinated, 100% cotton fabrics and their subsequent effects on dyeability, durable press, tensile and morphological properties 1990
Analysis of the Impact of Concentration of Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids, Selected Salts, and Surfactants on Bacteria Respiration Rate in Wastewater 1990
A study of the changes in weaving machine reliability during the preventive maintenance cycle 1990
Effects of fiber denier, fiber length, and finish type and level on open-end viscose rayon yarn properties 1990
An investigation into the influence of various percentages of combed cotton fiber in sliver fed to open-end and ring spinning on yarn and knitted fabric quality 1990
Optimizing fiber length and polyester denier for quality high speed spinning of open-end polyester/cotton yarns 1990
The effect of polyester staple length on evenness of yarns spun on ring, rotor, and air-jet spinning systems 1990
A comparison of the performance of cryogenically-treated and untreated knitting elements 1990
The relationships between fiber properties, spinlab rotorring cohesion measurements, and open-end rotor spun yarn qualities using 100 percent acrylic fibers 1989
A study of the relationship between polyester properties and the resultant polyester/cotton blended yarn properties and weaving performance 1989
The effects of dye class, chemical system, shade and temperature on near infrared readings on fixed resin levels in finished polyester/cotton blend fabrics 1989
Relating results of a new test for yarn aerodynamics to air requirements in pneumatic filling insertion 1989
The effects of pH buffer, chemical auxiliary concentration, and liquor ratio on the shade repeatability of exhaust dyed polyester using disperse dyes 1989
An evaluation of near infrared reflectance analysis in determining the effects of slasher variables on desizing nylon filament yarns 1989
The testing of cryogenically treated rings and travelers versus conventional rings and travelers 1989
An evaluation of carpet yarn properties produced on a high draft spinning system from high grain weight sliver delivered from state-of-the-art drawframes 1989
The ballistic resistance, tensile strength, flexural strength, and compressive strength of selected thermoplastic matrix composites 1989
The Use of X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy for On-Line Prediction of the Flame Retardant Characteristics of Fabrics 1989
An investigation of different sizing agents and size pick-up levels on sized yarn physical properties and weavability of a 35/1 polyester/cotton ring spun yarn sized on the Reed-Chatwood foam size applicator 1989
The Identification and Quantification of the Factors Responsible for Generation of Cotton Yarn Fly on a Circular Single Knitting Machine 1989
The Influence of Blending Different Growth Area Cottons on the Quality of Waste, Yarns, and Knit Fabrics 1989
Evaluation of vibration analysis for the predication of fabric quality and stop levels on air jet weaving machines 1989
Improving opportunities for corporate profit by integrating production and marketing strategies 1989
Evaluation of the Use of the Near Infrared Reflectance Analysis for the Measuring of Extractable Levels of 100 Percent Cotton and Polyester/Cotton Fabrics 1989
Evaluation of the High-Draft Retrofit for Ring Spinning of 100% cotton and 50/50 Polyester/cotton Yarns at Different Draft Levels 1989
The effects of open end rotor speed, rotor diameter and navel type on yarn structural characteristics and their subsequent effects on the aesthetic and physical characteristics of knitted fabrics 1989
The effect of residual moisture content in 65/35 easy dyeable polyester/cotton fabric on the degree of dye fixation using saturated steam at superatmospheric pressure 1988
A study of the operating characteristics and economic ramifications of automatic pick removal in air jet weaving 1988
Evaluation of near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy to estimate the dye uptake of cotton 1988
A methodology to identify manufacturing conditions which prevent continuous material flow in textile plants : J-I-T [Just-In-Time] 1987
A methodology using expert systems techniques to automate the process of diagnosing faulty plant conditions as identified by existing monitoring techniques 1987
An investigation of the impact of bobbin diameter ratio and winding parameters on yarn hairiness 1987
An evaluation of high draft retrofit devices for the ring spinning of carpet yarns 1987
A model to predict dye uptake of polyester staple using near-infrared reflectance analysis 1987
The influence of fiber and fiber related characteristics on the cleaning potential of cotton 1987
An investigation into the development of a methodology for effluent color measurement 1985
Some parameters affecting the utilization of an overland flow textile wastewater treatment system 1984
An investigation of dry mercerization and its application to 100 percent cotton fabrics 1983
A study of the suitability of the standard BOD5 test to characterize the biodegradability of selected textile chemicals 1979
A study of fluoborate catalyst systems in resin finishing of cotton fabrics with particular attention to energy requirements during curing 1978
An investigation of the variables in dyeing textured woven polyester with disperse dyes of different energy levels 1977
Wash water purity and its effect on colorfastness properties 1975
An economic comparison of various operating strategies in the spinning room 1975
A mathematical model to control water consumption in wet processing 1975
A study of the feasibility of using fly ash for the removal of dyestuff from segregated textile dye wastewater 1974
The economic optimization of waste removal at opening, picking, and carding 1974
A study of the feasibility of using activated carbon for the treatment of segregated textile dye wastes 1972
Foam fractionation of textile dye wastes for pollution abatement 1971
Causes of yellowing of bleached cotton fabrics 1966
Trouble shooting in textile processing by use of the uniformity analyzer 1954
Yarn abrasion resistance of natural and synthetic fibers 1953
Effect of cyclic changes in moisture regain on the chemical and physical properties of cotton and other fibers 1951
An investigation of the factors affecting the behavior of cotton textiles as filter fabrics 1951
Relationship of certain mechanical stresses to the dyeing characteristics of cellulose acetate filament yarn 1950
An investigation of products from light fading of dyed acetate fabric 1949
Stress-temperature measurements on textile fibers 1949
Surface tension variations of solutions of surface-active agents with time 1949
Surface tension measurements by the oscillating drop method 1949
The effect of relative humidity on stress-relaxation of nylon yarns at constant strain 1949